Fishy Business

Ever since watching a brilliant but alarming TV documentary about sustainable fishing, called The End of the Line, I’ve been very careful about what fish I buy, or order on a cruise. I no longer buy tiger prawns, cod or wild Scottish salmon, all of which are seriously endangered, and I’m concerned about the origins of any tuna I eat, too.

The trouble is, when you’re travelling, it’s difficult to discover the provenance of what’s on your plate at dinner. So I’m thrilled that luxury line Crystal Cruises has just announced a policy of sustainable seafood purchasing.

Thomas Mazloum, the company’s senior vice president, operations, said at a conference today that Crystal was, in any case, the first cruise line to stop serving caviar from endangered sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, and boycotted endangered Chilean sea bass back in the 1990s. Now, though, it is making the whole sustainability issue more formal.

From now on, Crystal will support sustainable fishing and fair trade initiatives and will work with organisations like the Marine Conservation Society in the UK to audit and enforce its new policy. And you and I will be able to tuck into our fish courses in the Crystal Dining Room with clearer consciences.

Let’s hope other cruise lines follow Crystal’s example, or make more noise about their own ethical purchasing policies.




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2 responses to “Fishy Business

  1. EAS

    Great news! I eat a lot of fish on cruise ships so I’m happy to hear that the seafood on Crystal is now sustainably fished. Except that now I’m getting hungry…

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