Best punishment for sunbed hogs, other hot topics

You never really know what you’re going to find in Cruise Critic’s daily poll (it’s found on our home page; scroll all the way down). We have to keep it pretty simple because it’s formatted to accept just four possible answers. But we’ve had fun with it, using it as a lab rat for theories we may have, having fun with a current events-inspired query, and, sometimes, being completely silly.  Votes on polls, which are usually launched end-of-day and stay up for 24 hours, almost always surprise us. Some recent chin-scratchers:

*87 % said that sunbed hogs should be punished (options included being thrown in the pool, banned from the bar and, garnering most votes, locking such offenders “in their cabins”).

*Cruise lines may like to brag about butler services but Cruise Critic readers are clearly not elitists. When we asked “have you had a butler on a cruise” more than half, talking about past — and future — cruises, said “No! It’s not my thing.”

*And in the biggest upset of last week’s polls, more said they’d watch World Cup games on a cruise ship than in a pub. That’s shocking. Even more – 52 percent – said they wouldn’t bother to watch at all.

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2 responses to “Best punishment for sunbed hogs, other hot topics

  1. SeaMarmot

    I’m not a butler man myself, but I would love to have someone unpack, iron or fold, and then hang up all my clothes — especially for a two-week cruise. Had to use the bathroom steaming technique to de-wrinkle my formal attire.

  2. I had a butler on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and one of his “jobs” was to unpack your clothes. Felt a little weird about that but tried it, in the interest of investigation (!). It was okay but when it was time to pack up, I just did it myself.

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