Guilty Cruising Secret

Today’s confession: we’re anchored off the Irish coast near Waterford, it’s a glorious sunny day, and I have Not Got Off The Ship.

What makes that a guilty secret? Well, I cruise a fair bit and I’ve always felt compelled to explore every port. To me, it’s unthinkable not to have a natural curiosity about the places I visit, to travel somewhere and not actually see it.

On the other hand… I’ve been to Waterford before. I’m not in the market for Waterford Crystal. So although it felt slightly decadent, I did not head down to deck four to board the tender.

And I have had such a good day on board. There’s something highly appealing about being on the ship when everybody else has gone ashore. It’s much better than a crowded sea day – actually like having your own private yacht.

I’ve lounged around drinking cappuccino, been to the gym, had lunch on deck, read my book on the sunlounger of my choice, had a fantastic massage, detoxed a bit in the steam room, enjoyed liberal amounts of all the lovely Elemis products thoughtfully provided in the spa and am now looking forward to whatever tonight brings. It’s been the kind of day most average working people rarely get at home, and surely that’s what a cruise is all about, pampering yourself?

Whether you’re an experienced cruiser or a first-timer, I would encourage anybody who feels like it to take a day ‘off’ from their itinerary. No guilty feelings required! SJB



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2 responses to “Guilty Cruising Secret

  1. Totally feel the same yin-and-yang. If you know a port well, is it so awful to just stay onboard? Memories of living in St. Thomas, and flying to Miami to catch a Caribbean cruise that, alas, went at some point (this happened a few times in the year I lived there) to…St. Thomas. I didn’t get off, and indulged in the laid back hum of the ship, which was bliss.

    But if it’s a great port with lots of depth (I think immediately of France’s Cote d’Azur or Naples/Sorrento) the coastline beckons more strongly than the ship. It just…depends.

  2. Redshoes56

    Sounds like you had a marvelous day! I recently did a Windstar cruise to Costa Rica with a good friend. On the last day, a beach BBQ is provided on a remote beach, and everyone aboard — passengers and crew — take Zodiacs ashore to indulge. My girlfriend decided to stay onboard (she was one of only three people who did!) and told me when I got back that the few crewmembers who didn’t head to the beach weighed on her hand and foot — she had her own private yacht, basically, for the afternoon. I was a bit jealous!

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