Keeping Epic in perspective

So being among the first group of passengers to board Norwegian Epic for its first-ever cruise is pretty sweet, right? While ship geeks like me traveled from all over the place to the Netherlands’ Rotterdam (literally via plane, train, automobile and motorcoach) and spent the first four hours on the ship doggedly visiting every nook and cranny, another group of passengers had a different idea!

Orange, today, is the color de rigeur and that of course is because of World Cup football madness. The Dutch team (national color: orange — you’ll make the connection) played Japan today and the Atrium area was absolutely packed.  Dutch fans wearing orange shirts and some pretty wacky (orange, naturally) hats. The woman in my photo was drinking a hastily concocted special theme beverage (not as exotic as it looks — it was fruit juice…neat); most others were drinking Heineken.

When the Dutch team scored the game’s only goal, I seriously thought the cheers from the contingent in the Atrium would shatter glass. No worries — and definitely the mood onboard, certainly helped along by the home team’s victory, is buoyant.



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