Epic’s Aqua Park, part 1

Norwegian Cruise Line is billing its Aqua Park, an Epic exclusive, as a cornerstone of its family friendly activities. Take a look at the sundeck (alas not too much sun today), where the Aqua Park’s huge bowl slide is a major focal point!

Note that there are three slides in the Aqua Park; one’s got a huge orange bowl where presumably one spins round and round (the others, which you can see as well, are green and purple).

I can’t speak to whether or not 10 year olds will enjoy any of the three waterslides onboard (cause there really aren’t any kids here) but passengers in the 30-plus set were having a ball. With temperatures in the high 50s, aided by a brisk and chilly wind, it’s not just their daredevil courage I admired; it was their constitutions, too!

This guy, unfortunately, forgot one very important component of the slide experience: You need to pick up an inner tube before you head up the five-plus flights of stairs….

Check out NCL’s video coverage of the slides.



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