Epic’s Aqua Park, part 2

The bowl slide is actually not the scariest ride — for that, the lime green slide, with its tight, corkscrew twists and turns, elicited more delighted screams from its daredevils than did the orange bowl.

In fact, and I’m sure that slide experts will be tinkering, the orange bowl part, which was supposed to toss people around like whirling dervishes, doesn’t actually generate enough speed.

By “enough” I mean that some of the folks I watched came to a dead stop, and had to paddle themselves into the tunnel that leads to the end.

And here’s the view of the sun deck’s main pool area from slide-level (there are actually three different levels; orange falls in the middle).



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3 responses to “Epic’s Aqua Park, part 2

  1. Louise

    I am sure this will be packed full of kids on hot sea days! I’d love to have a go, too, although I don’t fancy getting stuck in the orange bowl… 🙂

  2. Tad

    Loving the reviews! It looks like you are haveing a great time!

  3. Hi, Tad, yes, it’s a great time. And Louise if people are getting stuck in the orange bowl it could be less scary and more funny, LOL.

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