Norwegian Epic’s revolutionary cabins (and bathrooms)!

I’m going to go on the record here and say that of all the innovations Norwegian Cruise Line’s introduced on Norwegian Epic, the one that will spur the most controversy – this is the prediction! — will be the radical new approach to cabin design.

Of course I’m referring to the balcony cabins (which make up a huge percentage, overall, of stateroom types onboard) with wavy walls, curved beds and sofas, and … bathrooms that are divided into various parts: the toilet is in one frosted-glass cubby and shower or tub is in another. The sink is outside, in the bedroom.

In fact, the pros and cons of the staterooms would make a perfect Cruise Critic poll! So weigh in with us here.

Now that I’ve settled in, I’ll tell you there are pros and cons. If you’ve never cruised before and wonder what the fuss is about, well it’s about monotony – in the same way that cookie cutter hotels all over the same basic room layout.

See, most cabins on cruise ships are built in “cabin factories.” Read more about cabin factories here. What you’ll learn is that while there are some exceptions (top-of-the-line staterooms are usually built onboard) the usual cabin, whether you’re on Carnival or Princess or on Holland America or Celebrity, is mass produced to the same basic design. There’s a bed (converts to two singles from a double), a small couch (some pull out), and built in cabinetry for storage. Bathrooms house small sinks with counters, a toilet, and most often a miniscule shower.

It’s key to note that the wavy staterooms on Norwegian Epic, while being a new design, are also mass produced.

So the cabins on Norwegian Epic are very, very different. We want to know: would this style of cabin encourage you to take a cruise on Norwegian Epic? Or scare you off? Please tell us….




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8 responses to “Norwegian Epic’s revolutionary cabins (and bathrooms)!

  1. Cyndi C

    I’m booked and can’t wait to see the new rooms. They look great!

  2. gml

    The refreshing design of the cabins and the different arrangement of the ship caught my attention. For the first time (18 cruises), I am interested in looking at a Norwegian cruise.

  3. Love your positive feedback! I like them overall but there could be a few improvements; keep an eye out for follow-up blog post.

  4. Beth McCusker

    I think it’s a great new design. In the one I was on the whole bathroom floor was wet because of the shower. I love this idea of it being broken up. Very very good idea!

  5. Kathy Barker

    This new design will be a great time saver! I can shower while DH is doing his thing, and vise versa! For those afraid of being seen…use heavy duty suction cups to hang something on the shower & toilet doors!

  6. I like the bathroom design. It wIll make it easier for us to get ready for dinner at the same time. I also like the curved walls. Excited about the balcony. How do you like the balcony?

  7. I’m going to write a cabin pro and con blog — maybe tomorrow — but unofficially 🙂 I like the bathrooms. Really like the fact that the floor between toilet and shower compartments is wood — so no slippage.

  8. Joe

    Are these rooms smaller than the industry standard?

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