Studio cabins

Easily ranking in the top three of things our readers most want to know about are Norwegian Epic’s studio cabins and lounge. As you may recall, NCL originally planned to make this grouping of very small cabins a sort of hipster’s retreat for the budget-impaired. Didn’t go over. So now — in a brilliant move that as I like to say made lemonade out of lemons — NCL decided to transform the space into cabins for solo travelers.

In a word? Small but oh-so-cozy. Each has a double bed, enough storage space, flat screen telly, neat ambient lighting (four different colors; one person at yesterday’s press conference wanted to know if it was an effort to introduce chronotherapy —  therapy of color? — into the ship). I think it just looks nice. Ironically, the frosted-glass bathrooms that are controversial in the cabins-for-two don’t exist here (here, you get a toilet and a shower in a regular, pre-fab plastic-formed bathroom. The irony of course is that here who cares about privacy: You’re in the cabin alone!

These are technically considered inside cabins but do have a window (with adjustable venetian blind) that looks into the corridor.

Loved the studio lounge, take a look at the photo. It’s just a sleek, contemporary place to chill out with its own coffee making facilities and also a bartender at certain times of the day. It feels more like Seabourn than NCL. Also a cool touch: there’s a vending area down the hall that sells the usual junk food (chips, candy, soda), though there’s no microwave (no need to be heating up pallid plastic containers of fake spaghetti with all the options the ship has to offer dining wise).

The whole thing reminds of the pod hotel craze that’s creeping into airport accommodations. All things equal, I’d prefer a cabin with a balcony for the same price as this — but if that’s delusional, well, I’d be happy here. Would you?




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8 responses to “Studio cabins

  1. Aja

    Traveling alone isn’t really my thing, but I do think this is a fabulous option for singles. The cabins look comfortable and functional.

  2. Ashley

    Oh my gosh, how CUTE are those single cabins?! 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking about this option since I first heard about the Epic. I travel by myself & join up with tours but I don’t know about cruising solo. Good to see what the cabins look like though. Found out recently at a travel show that if you book a 1A cabin on Carnival they don’t charge you single supplement.

    • Mike C

      Carnival recently changed their single traveler policy on the 1A’s and they are now charging a 200% surcharge.

      • cruise pup

        Before that it was 150% but never since I’ve been sailing them was there no single supplement.

  4. Carol

    Hi Kelly, thanks for the info. The studio looks perfect for me.

    Is there a hairdryer in the studio cabins please?

  5. Hanga (Dutch)

    @Carol No hairdryer. I didn’t like the studio

    Stayed in a studio on the Rotterdam-Southampton cruise (21/22 june). Didn’t like it. Much to small.

    1. Had to leave the door of the toilet open because I couldn’t close the door. My legs just couldn’t fit. I am 1.90 m tall by the way.

    2. Didn’t like to get out of the shower and dry myself on the floor of my cabin. Results in a wet cabin floor.

    3. Dindn’t like the blue lights in the hallway. It’s just giving you a headache.

    4. I did like the livingroom where you can get a snack or a drink.

    The ship isn’t ready by the way. TV and telephones arn’t working. A lot of unfinished facilities but I think it will be nice when finished. A nice ship when travelling with kids!

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