Norwegian Epic Cabin Analysis: The Balcony

Since we’re getting such great feedback (and questions) regarding Norwegian Epic’s new-style, curving cabins, I thought I’d let you know what I’m seeing here after three days onboard. I’m in a deluxe verandah cabin, which essentially is considered a mini-suite. The only significant difference between it and a standard verandah is a few feet of extra space (it’s longer not wider) and I’ve heard some mini-suites have tubs; mine is shower-only.

Show cabins are open again today so I’ll branch out from just talking about this one later – will have photos and commentary.

I’m going to be brutally honest and please understand – you may have different opinions! As always, feel free to post questions and comments….

Other than that, let’s start with the balcony:


  • It’s nice and deep, though, again, remember my cabin category (standards, located on above decks, look more narrow).
  • Furnishings are comfortable enough – two mesh-covered chairs in gun-metal gray with a tiny cocktail table.
  • Mine’s completely covered and it feels like I’m on a ship with sturdy walls, privacy extenders and a glass front for a better view.
  • It’s a balcony. Nothing’s better on a ship than having your own bit of outside space, nothing! I also like that it really gives you an extra “room” to hang out in. And right now, there’s some really haunting jazz playing in the pool deck and strains are wafting down, sounds nice.


  • My “nice enough” description of the furniture is faint praise. There’s enough room for a real dining table (plus the two chairs) and that’s a touch we’re seeing people really appreciate. Some cruise lines actually do this standard, in categories like this one; Celebrity comes to mind. Travelers really love to eat outdoors in the privacy of their balconies.
  • Some of the mini-suite balconies are uncovered (a la Princess’ Grand Princess Dolphin deck staterooms) and some are covered (mine is, fortunately). If you don’t like being exposed to all and sundry on your verandah, check Norwegian Epic’s deck plans before you select your stateroom.
  • I’m on deck 8; the lifeboats, with roofs painted in bold red and white stripes, are just below and entirely visible. If you’d rather see sea instead of lifeboat, be careful about deck 8 cabins. Also, it’s been my experience that in hot weather, and of course Norwegian Epic’s cruising in the Caribbean so it will be balmy, lifeboats reflect heat and can make it uncomfortable on the balcony.
  • It’s always nicest when verandahs are covered in teak-like flooring; this one’s got a cheerful green rubber floor mat, feels a bit tacky.
  • This is a bummer (for me, might not bother others). Apparently right below my cabin is an exhaust fan for, from the smell of it, pub fare at O’Sheehan’s kitchen. It’s not offensive but it’s a tad jarring.




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7 responses to “Norwegian Epic Cabin Analysis: The Balcony

  1. samantha

    Brill summary of the balcony, much appreciated.

    We have a large balcony (B6) booked on deck 10 and I wonder how that will differ?

    Thanks again, loving all the updates,


    • Kenny G

      Very good reporting of the ship and the trip thus far. Booked on deck 9. Looking forward to seeing the ship and the non-stop crossing.

  2. Michele L.

    Thanks for the information. I am enjoying the blog about the Epic. I actually booked a balcony on Deck 8 and noticed afterwards that the lifeboats were directly underneath them in photos that have been posted on various websites. Shortly thereafter, I called my travel agent and changed to Deck 10 portside, midship….boy am I glad that I did! I know I wouldn’t enjoy this view after all the anticipation of my cruise arrival date! Thanks again and happy cruising!

  3. Jim H

    Thanks for the review on the balcony. Have you seen any uncovered balconies. We enjoy the privacy getting a sun tan on an uncovered balcony. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. crusingici

    wow– I’d be quite upset with that view of the lifeboat — we’re on deck 13 in a deluxe so am hoping we enjoy that balcony — wonder if it is open or closed?

  5. Maggie

    Thanks for all you info! really appreciate it….hae been looking everywher and can’t find a pic of a wave stateroom with seoarate beds…have you seen any as I can’t see how it will work separating the beds wth the wave headboard.


    PS LOVED… LOVED your video with Klaus!

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