Norwegian Epic’s just arrived in Southampton!

It’s a very pretty cruise into Southampton and the ship got a nice welcome from the folks at Carnival UK, who took to the rooftop to cheer on the ship (not sure you’ll be able to tell from photo).  Fred. Olsen’s pretty Black Watch is tied up alongside — talk about David vs. Goliath, sizewise. It looks tiny next to Epic. Alas, vista of piles of garbage on a dock that I’m looking at right now — and smelling — isn’t too nice; god help us if we dock right next to it.




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2 responses to “Norwegian Epic’s just arrived in Southampton!

  1. Dr Pandemonium

    Er… Carolyn that was scrap iron, not garbage! No mention of the obvious engine fault then? Surely you have the inside story…

  2. hello! can you see the sphelix sculptures beside the waterpark on Norwegian Epic? they were made by my husband Johnny Hawkes – he’s at the dock waiting to embark!

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