Anything You Want to Know About Norwegian Epic?

It’s hard to believe that this is my fifth night aboard Norwegian Epic (and even sadder to contemplate packing up and debarking tomorrow!). It’s been a fantastic experience in many respects. One of these is that when a new ship launches, a whole gang of cruise journalists get to meet up. We reconnect and share anecdotes. What we all have in common is we’re a well-traveled lot (well-cruised to be specific), and so our debates this week – mostly concerning the bathrooms! – were spirited and enlightening.

In fact, there’s indeed a wealth of information out there this week as writers from some of my favorite cruise news outlets have been onboard, blogging, tweeting and Facebooking. A few that you really should check out:

Even if we’re getting off the ship tomorrow, our own team — Cruise Critic’s UK Editor Kelly Ranson and our Contributing Editor Sue Bryant — still have lots more coming your way, so stay in touch.



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7 responses to “Anything You Want to Know About Norwegian Epic?

  1. Joe

    Any chance of getting information and photos on the private courtyard pool area? The renderings make it look so spacious, but usually things are much smaller in actuality. The Jewell Class courtyards are so small, it would be nice to see if this is any bigger.

  2. Hi, we just saw the courtyard area yesterday and it’s a huge wow. But — they’re scrambling to finish it and asked that we hold off on pics until it’s all set up. They’re literally almost there….

    The courtyard is so big! The whole thing genuinely feels like a small boutique hotel; like a neat little place in Morocco or something. Very special.

  3. Didisea

    We are booked on the epic for early October, and we were wondering when we would be able to book restaurants/entertainment online? As of last week we could not. Happy travels!

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  5. HM

    Menus and quality of food! Is is worth it to pay for all the specialty restaurants?

  6. Hi, will tackle a couple of questions here. We did get a chance to see the courtyard area, when finished; it’s in our Norwegian Epic video:

    And re the restaurants, whether or not it’s worth it just depends on your tastes. I had some terrific meals at fee-free places like the Garden Cafe (right up there for best buffet at sea), the Manhattan Room, and, my favorite, O’Sheehan’s pub. No fees.

    But we’re really into restaurants so for us, trying Moderno Churascarria and LeBistro et. al. is also a part of the experience so we budget the fees into our overall trip cost.

    But you don’t have to go to them to have a good meal and I think that’s an important point to make.

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