Balcony fun

On today’s home page poll on Cruise Critic UK, we earnestly ask what you like to do best on your balcony (keep it clean!). So far, reading a book is getting the grand share of votes, though 18 percent like the “get romantic” option. Dining al fresco gets a small nod, at 7 percent, but I think that’s more because most cruise lines don’t really go to any trouble to make a meal on the balcony an option (Princess Cruises does an amazing job with its balcony brunches and dinners, and Celebrity at least outfits some balconies with real tables rather than those the size of postage stamp).

I frankly thought that our poll over on, our U.S.-based site, was a tad sharper. (We were a bit obsessed about balconies yesterday!). There, the query was: What’s the most annoying thing people do on balconies? Far and away, people who smoke are the biggest irritants (and as I write this inside my cabin, with balcony door open, my next door neighbor is puffing away. I can smell it in here).

What’s your biggest pet peeve about balcony etiquette or lack thereof? Feel free to post it here — or go to and vote!




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3 responses to “Balcony fun

  1. Amy

    We really enjoyed breakfast on our balcony on RCCL Voyager of the Seas. We brought the little table from our cabin out on the balcony and managed nicely. We also started out cold in Galveston, and as it got warmer at sea, having the door open while we were in the cabin was very refreshing. Except for the smoking thing- we had a smokestack for a neighbor, and I have asthma. Fortunately, we could hear the SLAM of his door as he came out to light up, and one of us could dive for the balcony door to close it in time. But it sharply limited the amount of time I could spend on the balcony. Is there a way to request non-smoking areas for balconies? Any cruise ships that do this? On Voyager, on decks, one side of the ship (port I think) was smoking and the other side was non-smoking, so we would always make sure to travel back and forth across decks on the “non” side. I wonder why they don’t do the same thing with the balconies?

  2. Amy, that’s a great idea about non smoking balconies! We had a similar problem in May on Disney Magic. Our neighbors were so nice, but they chainsmoked on their balcony which meant that if they smoked we smoked. It ruined the experience (well waking up to the smokers’ coughing each morning wasn’t a ball either).

  3. Gollane

    Firstly I wholeheartedly agree with the smoking issue,smoking balconies should be at the after end of the vessel so the breeze takes away the stink of tobacco.Just like hotels passengers should stipulate smoking or not when booking.

    Otherwise our main pleasure on a balcony is to sit out when in port and enjoy our smuggled wine in glasses we forgot to take back to the bar.

    Our favourite balconies are the relatively huge ones on Princess ‘Caribe’ deck

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