Norwegian Epic: Members’ first impressions

Cruise Critic’s members don’t hang around when it comes to reviewing a new ship! Congratulations and thanks to our first four reviewers of Norwegian Epic, all of whom were among the first paying passengers on the one-nighter from Rotterdam to Southampton on Monday.

Not surprisingly, there was good and less good. Let’s get the negatives out of the way first, which focus mainly on the cabins.

While there are no complaints about the décor of the new, wavy design, space could be an issue. Member RussellF notes: “There’s a ‘no passing zone’ bottleneck at the foot of the bed, which means that even with just two people in the cabin, you’re forever getting in each other’s way.”

More toilet talk

And those bathrooms. Nobody is yet saying ‘Ooh, goody, a cabin with no proper bathroom, what a great idea.’ Member Sandra Barnes comments: “We had a balcony cabin on deck nine which was the only thing that we did not like about the ship. We did not like that there was no bathroom and although the shower and toilet doors were not see through they were not soundproofed!”

Member Clydecruiser adds: “The big but here is the basin is the wrong side of the curtain so when you come out the toilet you touch the curtain before you can wash hands – probable norovirus source in the future, I think.”

RussellF comments: “When you have a shower, all the water that normally ends up on the bathroom floor now ends up on the cabin floor. It’s not helped by the fact that all the towels are stored by the washbasin in the main cabin anyway. So if you forget to pick up a towel before you step into the shower, stand by for a flood!”

That’s entertainment

Moving on, entertainment gets top marks from everybody. All our reviewers (and everybody I was travelling with this week) loved the Blue Man Group. “I think the Broadway at sea concept will really catch on across many companies,” says Clydecruiser.

RussellF raves about Cirque Dreams, the dinner show in the purpose-built ‘Big Top’. “Think Cirque du Soleil in a much more intimate fashion and then some. It’s billed as the first ‘big top’ at sea, and it’s a dazzling two hours of acrobats, muscle men, trapeze artists, music and comedy all taking place in a 10ft-wide circular area in the middle of the room just feet away from the audience at their dinner tables.”

Clydecruiser enjoyed Manhattan, where the tribute act from Vegas, Legends in Concert, plays, commenting that: “The dinner show or dance concept is a good idea.” RussellF bills the duelling pianos of Howl at the Moon “Another amazing show.”

Given that our first reviewers were only onboard for one night, they haven’t commented on all the bars, although Clydecruiser sampled the Ice Bar and says: “The $20 surcharge included two strong cocktails so was probably a fair charge for the 45 minutes. You do need to book, though.”

Food for thought

Food, of course, came under the scrutiny of our reviewers. Clydecruiser says of the Argentine-style Churrascaria, with its huge array of meats and salads: “The experience did not disappoint. More than worth the $18 per person surcharge.” Everybody praises the seating arrangements in the Garden Café (the main buffet) where head-miked waiters communicate with one another to find available places. RussellF breakfasted in O’Sheehan’s Bar and Grill, not the first place you’d think of first thing in the morning, but pronounces the ‘country breakfast’ “excellent”.

Some of our reviewers express concern about the space on deck.  “The pool deck was very cramped,” says Airlinesteward. “Not much deck place. The two pools were very small.” Clydecruiser, although impressed by the waterslides on the main deck, comments: “There were seats on the promenade deck but with the lifeboats hanging here, next to no view.”

One member felt a bit let down about the lack of razzmatazz on arrival in Southampton. “Maybe NCL was ashamed about the late arrival, or they just did not care,” says Airlinesteward. “It was like a normal arrival. We were also surprised not to receive a certificate as it was the first sailing for the ship. What a shame, as we were expecting more from this sailing and also by being the first passengers sailing on the ship. It looks like we were more guinea pigs instead.”

And finally, just to show how diverse our members’ opinions are, two opposing views of Norwegian Epic. RussellF’s conclusion is: “There’s no doubt about it: Norwegian Epic is a beautiful ship. The crew are wonderful, the food is excellent and the entertainment is probably the best you’ll ever see at sea.”

While Airlinesteward, although impressed by the food and service, says: “The ship was just OK and not very well designed. It looks more like a rushed job. Nothing to compare to Oasis Of The Seas, which has got a WOW factor.” Ouch!

You can read the reviews in full here: Meanwhile, do send us your own opinions; we know from our Epic forum and this blog that members have plenty of questions!




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2 responses to “Norwegian Epic: Members’ first impressions

  1. Coleman

    Hey , if you don’t like the bathroom door bring a plastic table cloth along with velcro attachments ;).

  2. NCL Epic..hmmmm Im sure on paper it was a good idea – the reality of it is, in my opinion, not so great. Yes great entertainment and apparently good food – (but the lunch I had onboard was lack lustre and a bit basic) although my colleagues that were on a 2-dayer were more impressed. Cabins look good and stylish on first impression – however a bit of a disaster when it comes to practical living in them – design over function I feel. Im pretty sure we wont see anymore curvy cabins – not the best use of space. Open decks seemed cluttered and inside the ship there were low ceilings everywhere and the feeling was claustrophobic. Ship was well designed to wring out every last $ of onboard spend and Im sure it will appeal and get great reviews from it’s target audience.

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