Pack as much stuff as you want on Norwegian Epic

If the launch of Cunard’s Queen Victoria was notable, at least to some extent, because of cruise cabins’ lack of storage space, that’s not a complaint you can make about the standard staterooms on NCL’s new Norwegian Epic. The unique style of the wavy cabins begets some pretty crafty places to stow your stuff – but you need the mind of an engineer (or a friend who thinks like one!) to find them all.

Many thanks to pals Tien and Bruno, who sailed on Epic from Rotterdam to Southampton, for showing us the storage intricacies of the deluxe balcony cabin (ironically the standard balcony stateroom has more straightforward and frankly more ample closets).

The first confounding thing: the super big basket under the sink is actually not a trash can (er, embarrassing). It’s to hold your wet towels. Ingenuous if not intuitive. There is a tiny metal bin tucked in there though — that’s where your throwaways are meant to go (but the only things that will fit are papers and such).

The fact that there is no trash receptacle elsewhere in the cabin is what led to the confusion.


While the curved couch (it’s necessarily curved to slot into the wavy walls of these cabins) isn’t terribly comfortable to lounge on, who knew that it was a veritable repository of places to hide stuff! The panels swing open and behind…lots of cubbies.


One conundrum we’ve heard for many is how do you turn off that dratted bathroom mirror/light? Even my cabin steward couldn’t finangle an answer to that one! Bruno shows us….




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8 responses to “Pack as much stuff as you want on Norwegian Epic

  1. Ah. I used that thing under the sink as a bin. Sorry, cabin steward. SJB

  2. Did you find the two drawers UNDER the sofa as well? There is indeed a suprisingly large amount of wardrobe (closet) and storage space, especially given that there’s no requirement for tuxedos and ballgowns with Freestyle cruising.

    • Tien showed me! But I didn’t have a photo and so forgot it, thanks for the reminder. That’s the whole thing about these cabins — so many nooks and crannies. The only thing to worry about is keeping track of where you put things as I can imagine it’s a nightmare to remember all the hiding places when packing up to go home.

  3. EAS

    I love secret hiding places! You could keep kids entertained for hours with a special Epic in-cabin version of hide-and-seek. Hide an object in one of the unusual storage places and see how long it takes someone to find it. Just don’t forget it’s there…

  4. SeaMarmot

    I think “yacht-like,” as you’ve noted before, is a good descriptor … lots of storage nooks. If I ever sail Epic again, I might hide in the sofa storage area to avoid the life boat drill.

    One thing I would add is that it took a bit of time (by bit, I mean more than 5 seconds) to find the in-cabin outlets, which were oddly hidden behind a cabinet door under the coffee maker.

  5. was interested in the cabin comments & storage. we have just arrived back after our second trip on her. the first one 3098 was in the rebuilt section. This time, a deck up, 4006 there was no room for suitcases to be stowed & no shelves either. Not good.

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