Would you visit high-crime Caribbean ports?

In today’s home page poll, we ask: would you avoid itineraries that visit Aruba, Jamaica, or St. Thomas? All three have been in the public eye, at least to some extent, for crimes against tourists (as has the Bahamas’ Nassau which we should have included!)

Vote in our poll — but before you head over to Cruisecritic.co.uk’s home page to do so, tell us if Monday’s tragic death of a cruise passenger while on the island of St. Thomas would affect the way you’d pick your next Caribbean cruise?




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3 responses to “Would you visit high-crime Caribbean ports?

  1. John, New Jersey

    I think I will cancel my plans for cruise to carribean.

  2. Gary, California

    Having previously lived in the Caribbean for 3 years, I have found it no more dangerous than anywhere else I have lived. There are always areas you want to avoid no matter where you go. One of the best weekends we had was on the island of St. Kitts, which, statistically, is among the most dangerous in the world. Aruba on the other hand is one of the safest and it remains in the press for one incident. So it all depends on where you go. I currently live in Southern California and there are areas here worse than much of the Caribbean. I believe John in New Jersey would agree that there are areas in his state that he also avoids..

  3. We have cruised to Jamaica and Trinidad and in both places wondered why the ship stopped off there. In Jamaica we were hustled onto a “cruise beach” where they wanted £20 per person for a nasty deck chair on a square foot of sand on a packed beach in sweltering heat (with no shade as they had run out of umbrellas) and strongly advised that to go off anywhere else on our own (always our preference) would be downright dangerous. So we went back to the ship and spent the day on board.
    In Trinidad we heeded loacal warnings and were told by retunring passengers in Port of Spain that policemen had lined the main drag into town and turned away any tourists who wanted to venture down them, saying they would not be able to answer for the consequences.

    Friends have been victims of crime in Barbados, Tobago and Antigua – os all of these islands ar very much on our “not really” list until things improve.

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