To smoke or not to smoke?

There’s nothing like the spiky topic of smoking on ships to get both smokers and non-smokers hot under the collar, and Cruise Critic’s Facebook  page is overflowing with opinion today.

What’s inspired this debate? Well, yesterday we posted a news piece about Carnival extending the no-smoking policy on three ships, Carnival Freedom, Carnival Glory and Carnival Destiny. What’s bizarre is that the no-smoking policy now applies, as a trial, in the cigar lounge!

No more cigars?

So what are smokers supposed to do? Sit and gaze longingly at the cigars beckoning them from the humidor? The problem on some Carnival ships, apparently, is that passengers have to walk through the cigar lounge to get to the internet café (good planning, that), and the smoke is causing offence. Let’s hope these areas are renamed if the policy stays, or calling them cigar lounges would be a cruel joke.

One would hope that smokers and non-smokers could co-exist on cruise ships and most in each camp are, indeed, reasonable people. And yet the debate rages on. I suppose for us in the UK, the idea of smoking indoors is so alien now, since the total ban, that boarding a ship where people are smoking in bars is all the more noticeable and the anti-smoking lobby gets even stronger as a result.

There must be a happy medium. Whether you’re a smoker, a non-smoker or a couple with one of each, which ships work for you? SJB

Update, July 22: Carnival has made a statement to Cruise Critic about the cigar lounges discussed above. Read the full story here.



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4 responses to “To smoke or not to smoke?

  1. Michelle

    I’m not a smoker, but I can see that people need somewhere to smoke if they are on a ship for a week or two. However, we don’t smoke inside on land, so why should it be allowed on a ship?

  2. Andy Wren

    Speaking as a smoker and UK citizen I’d expect only to be able to smoke at designated points on the promenade and deck and nowhere else. I fully subscribe to the view that whilst I have the right to smoke where and when I please non-smokers have the right to breathe clean air and the latter always takes precedence.

  3. Patrick

    I agree with Michelle: smoking should only be allowed on a designated deck area as with Thompson Cruises. I would not think of cruising where there are few curbs on smokers as it would ruin my holiday with sore throats and breathing problems.

  4. I don’t understand why passengers are allowed to smoke in their cabins…. it seems so risky even though there are smoke detectors. It always worries me as a non smoker . I also hate it when they smoke on the balcony as it wafts in and is horrible. It also renders the balcony unsusable as the main reason we try to book one is so that we can sit out and eat out and we wouldn’t do that if we could smell smoke – ugh.
    We don’t use the bars where smoking is allowed as one of the main reasons for choosing a cruise is to enjoy the healthy sea air!

    We would be very keen to book cruises on ships which ban smoking completely. Sorry to sound intolerant but smoking is unpleasant and when we are on holiday we would choose to avoid breathing in other peoples’ exhaled poisons!

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