What’s in a name?

What’s going on with cruise ship names? Are cruise lines all using the same piece of jokey ship name generator software?

The announcement yesterday that MSC Cruises was going to call its new Fantasia-class ship MSC Fantastica, certainly made us wonder.

MSC will now have ships called MSC Fantasia , the first of the Fantasia class, and MSC Fantastica. Confusing, or what? To complicate things further, MSC Fantastica was originally meant to be MSC Favolosa but rival Costa got in first with Costa Favolosa.

Not that this has stopped other lines nicking ship names from one another. After all, we’ve got Costa Magica, Disney Magic and soon, Carnival Magic. Carnival Dream, Thomson Dream and in 2011, Disney Dream.

Seabourn Spirit, Seabourn Pride and Seabourn Legend and, you’ve guessed it, Carnival Spirit, Carnival Pride and Carnival Legend.

Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean has Mariner, Navigator and Voyager (of the Seas), while Regent Seven Seas has (Seven Seas) Mariner, Navigator and Voyager.

And yet you leave the choice of a ship name up to the general public and what do they come up with? Mein Schiff , that’s what.

Mein Schiff, named by German cruise fans

Or ‘My Ship’, in translation, which was the most-requested name in a competition to rename the old Celebrity Galaxy when it transferred to Tui Cruises last year.

Is someone, somewhere, having a laugh dreaming up silly ship names? Costa Fortuna has to be one of the most snigger-worthy of the modern age but spare a thought for sailors of yesteryear, who had to put up with some truly outrageous ship names.

Sailors on the 1940s Canadian Corvette HMCS Wetaskiwin (named after a Canadian town) apparently called it the Wet Ass Queen, appropriate for a ship that spent most of its time rolling in heavy seas, while the British navy has managed in the deep and distant past to come up with the downright kinky HMS Torrid, HMS Tickler, HMS Teaser and the submarine HMS Thrasher – and remember, the sailors had their ship’s name emblazoned on their caps.

Can you come up with anything better than Fantasia-class Fantastica? Let us know! SJB



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4 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. I don’t have an answer for your question, but do you remember, when Renaissance Cruises named their ships as R1, R2, etc. until R8?

  2. val

    The article says the submarine was named the Thrasher, actually, it was the “Thresher” the name of a shark. It went down with all hands in the early 60’s.

    • There was a Thresher and a Thrasher, according to various navy websites. Think the Thresher was an American sub. HMS Thrasher was a British vessel launched in the 1940s. SJB

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