Join us as we cruise around Britain & Ireland

If an around-the-region Great Britain/Ireland cruise may seem a little bit too “in my own back yard” style of holiday – well you might be surprised.  This style of cruise is actually the hottest thing going not just around Ireland and the U.K. but also in Australia. (The U.S. would be a fantastic itinerary as well – can you imagine a trip that goes from Boston round to Miami, over to New Orleans, and then through the Panama Canal to Los Angeles and onward to Alaska? Unfortunately, antiquated American laws make it difficult to try such a itinerary.)

Anyway, I’ll be sharing vignettes from my 10-night cruise onboard Holland America’s Westerdam. We start off today from Rotterdam (photo taken this morning shows the ship heading up Holland’s Nieuwe Maas or New Meuse river, from our balcony in the fantastically retro Hotel New York). Then we head for ports of call that include Portland, Guernsey, Waterford, Dublin, Holyhead, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle, before returning to Rotterdam (the blog ends at Newcastle, however, as we’re hopping off the ship there).

I hope you’ll come along – and feel free to share your insights, opinions and questions.




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7 responses to “Join us as we cruise around Britain & Ireland

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I notice you don’t have Belfast on the list of Port’s. You guys are with us on Monday 9th August and we look forward to welcoming you to the city and region. You have to love the Crown Bar, the Giants Causeway, the Mountains of Mourne – if you would like to met up please let me know and we can let you have all the secrets of Belfast.

  2. Linda

    Carolyn, thank you for blogging. I found out about your blog from Cruise Critic and headed right for it. The around-Britain cruise is one that I would really love to try someday, preceded or followed by an extensive land tour. We’ve toured the south of England a few times, but the last time we were on English soil we were at Heathrow, on our way home to Seattle after a Holland America cruise. No time to visit the ancestral land! I’m looking forward to your reports.

  3. Hi, Tony. Mea culpa! That’s totally my fault — and how I forgot Belfast on the list is pretty odd, considering it’s the port I’m looking forward to most (the omission has been fixed).

    A branch of my family is from Northern Ireland (near Killyleagh) and I spent a few weeks there some years back. I’ve included a link here to the story I wrote about the trip (I was working for the Washington Post then):

    I have some commitments that day but would love to chat with you about Belfast; can you drop me a note via email? I’m at Thanks.


  4. Hi, Carolyn!

    I’ve tried to check out this blog a couple of times and I found it a little confusing in the set-up, organization and connections.

    I did finally finally find one of you posts on the “eggs benedict test”. Loved it!!! It’s a great posting on a wonderful idea/test. Also, I really like eggs benedict and you are correct that this is not an easy dish to fix quickly at home.

    BUT, if there’s anyway to make things more clear on what’s there at this blog and how to find it, it would help, especially from the British Cruise Critic board. Because it’s posted as a “sticky”, you kind of tend to skip right over it at the top of the page as you look for what’s new and interesting. There’s really great stuff here in your blog, but I think there might be a better way to display it so that people can better find it and follow along. So far, there have only been 138 views. Not many for such good and interesting writing Last month, I did a posting on the Silversea board and am nearly to 14,000 views for this report as we traveled along the Norway coast, fjords, etc. You have very good writing and info, but it seems that most are missing it.

    Can you have your staff adjust how this is posted and/or set-up so that more catch it and enjoy traveling along on your trip with such good reporting?

    Thanks! Terry in Ohio

  5. Jackie

    I am hoping to go on a British Isles cruise in the next year or two, so I am looking forward to following your blog! I too skipped over this, I don’t usually pay much attention to the stickies at the top of the page on cruise critic forum.

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