Westerdam Gets Warm Welcome to Wales

When a cruise ship pulls up in Naples, or Helsinki, or even Edinburgh, there’s a bit of a collective ho-hum yawn from the citizenry. Understandable, of course, when you see ships (and the thousands they disgorge) daily during spring, summer and autumn).

So it sure feels fantastic when you hear that a port is really excited to know you’re coming. In this case, a story this week in North Wales Dailypost.co.uk, notes that Westerdam’s visit on Saturday is the biggest-ever by a cruise ship (at least since a new jetty has been built). We’ll be welcomed ashore by Clare Jones, a Royal harpist.

In fact, so far we’ve had musical entertainment to welcome us (and send us on our way) in Rotterdam and Portland. It makes a fantastic first and last impression.




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3 responses to “Westerdam Gets Warm Welcome to Wales

  1. I am sure all the passengers had a great elcome by the Welsh people as they are all so freindly. It must also be great for their Welsh economy and i guess after a while it must get boring just visitng the same old ports again.

  2. Purplesallyo

    Hi, instead of being a cruise passenger today I had the pleasure of being part of the Welsh Team welcoming Westerdam’s passengers & crew to Holyhead. I hope everyone enjoyed a warm Welsh welcome and had an enjoyable visit, let’s hope it won’t be too long before the Westerdam returns to Welsh shores once again, Croeso I Gymru!

    • Hi, I have to say that the call at Holyhead was really special and one of the reasons was that everyone seemed so excited to welcome us! I did a cycling tour yesterday, and it was magnificent, and just as special was coming back to the ship, grabbing a sandwich, and sitting out on the balcony listening to Clare play the harp. I think I was out there for an hour. Magic. Thank you — and please pass on to all that I heard so many great comments, not just from passengers but also from staff, on this maiden call for Westerdam.

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