What’s Your Favourite Travel Blog?

I stumbled across a lovely story about cruising on Jetcruise.com’s blog this morning (thanks for the shout out!) and it occurred to me that there are probably lots of new blogs about travel (cruise or otherwise) that we haven’t yet discovered. Ours is new — going on two months now — and the blog on Jetcruise.com, which I’d never seen before, made me wonder: What else is out there that we should be reading every day, whether its really good honest critique on cruise ports — or other cruise blogs?

We already do know, and have paid much kudos to cruise line blogs, such as Cunard’s weekly missives and John Heald’s Carnival blog. Check out our story on the best cruise line blogs.

Other favorites include blogs written by fellow journalists, such as Captain Greybeard’s on the Daily Mirror’s website and Jane Archer’s tales on Travel Weekly.




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4 responses to “What’s Your Favourite Travel Blog?

  1. Redshoes56

    Nobody describes travel (and food) quite like Anthony Bourdain, so I hop over to his blog often: http://anthony-bourdain-blog.travelchannel.com/

    Also, check out the new travel blog from independenttraveler.com, too: http://www.independenttraveler.com/blog/

  2. SlyTraveler

    Another new one that I’ve found to be SUPER helpful is “Have Tips, Will Travel.” It’s got some amusing pointers for packing and things like fitting in with locals in foreign countries. http://www.independenttraveler.com/blog/

  3. Jenny

    I found this blog on the Virgin Holidays website when I was looking for a cruise. It’s pretty good.

  4. SeaMarmot

    Really like http://everything-everywhere.com/, … which is one of the Web’s most popular general travel blogs. Here’s the back story: Gary, the blogger, had solid success in the corporate world, but ultimately decided that the white collar stuff wasn’t for him. So a few years ago, he sells his house, puts his things in storage and becomes a professional vagabond. The site is well-organized; blog posts are written in concise but personable manner (and with some dry wit sprinkled in); it showcases a HUGE photo of the day (great shots, too); and Gary links to his well-done weekly podcast, “This Week in Travel.”

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