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No karaoke, thanks, we’re British

When it comes to the new concept of performing karaoke on board to a live band , Cruise Critic’s UK fans have spoken! And put it this way, they’re not queuing up to be first in line for ‘My Way’.

We ran a poll yesterday on our home page asking “Karaoke with a live band on a cruise is…”, and these were the answers:

  • A great opportunity for budding singers: 6.8%
  • An activity that should be banned: 46.60%
  • Something that should be subject to audition first: 16.5%
  • A good idea after a few drinks: 30.10%

Seems slightly Scrooge-like, wanting karaoke scrapped altogether; I’ve always felt it fits well in small, enclosed, ideally private spaces, late at night and dimly lit. Nearly a third of you seemed closer to supporting this more tentative approach, saying it would be ‘a good idea after a few drinks’.  

But it doesn’t look as though our sample audience is buying into the full rock band and backing singers that’s becoming all the rage at sea. We’ll stick to the dodgy lyrics and cheapo backing videos of pub karaoke, thanks! SJB


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