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Laundry dilemma

Laundry dilemma

Planning on using the self-service laundry during your cruise? Well, as I’ve discovered on Ruby Princess, you’d better have some American quarters with you.

The logic behind getting coins to use the passenger laundry room is bizarre. We’ve trekked up Vesuvius, slogged around Pompeii, sweltered on a public bus in Livorno, hiked up and down the zig-zag cliff path on Santorini and got sand in everything on the beach in Mykonos. So it’s not unreasonable to expect I might need to do a batch of washing by now.

The washing machines only take American 25c coins, as does the machine that dispenses powder. So I asked at reception if I could change a couple of Euros to dollars as I’m not in the habit of taking American coins on a cruise around the Med. The answer is no. They will convert dollar notes to dollar coins, but not Euros. So can I change some Euros for dollars to get my dollar coins? No, they don’t offer currency exchange at all, as there is a machine on board that does that.

I need $4 for powder, one wash and one dry. So the smallest Euro note, a five, should do. But no; the machine charges $3.50 commission, regardless of the amount of the transaction. So I need a 10 Euro note and in any case, the machine is broken. At which point I get annoyed and go back to reception. The kind assistant purser patiently explains that even if the machine is broken and they do have to change money for the laundry, they still have to charge $3.50 commission.

So essentially, if you don’t have US dollars on you, notes or coins, you will pay $7.50 for one batch of laundry instead of $4. I know it’s petty of me to raise the issue, and Princess Cruises is by no means the only line to offer washing machines operated by US coins, and there is more to life than this, but still.

Eventually, I got my 25c coins and noticed that one was a Princess token, the kind you get in the casino. It struck me then how stupid I’d been; I should have nipped in there and played the fruit machines for a bit. I could have won my laundry money!




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Are cruise passengers annoying? Looks like it!

We had a thought-provoking response to our poll on Cruise Critic at the weekend. We asked, if you were a crewmember, what would annoy you the most? The choices were: demanding/rude passengers; unsociable working hours; measly tips; and travelling the world but rarely leaving the ship.

No prizes for guessing what won: an overwhelming 80.19% of you voted for demanding/rude passengers!

Annoying passengers

More than 80% thought passengers were the worst part of the job

This poll was inspired by a blog post we did last week about the joys and horrors of working on a cruise ship. A lot of the crewmembers whose opinions I was reading on the original Facebook story complained about passengers not even bothering to greet them on passing in the corridor, or behaving in a generally thoughtless manner. And now we’re agreeing with them – we, the passengers, are the worst part of their job!

Perhaps someone ought to compile a list of useful points: Getting The Most Out Of Your Crew. I know the onus is on the crew to be nice to the guests, but little things, I’ve noticed, make a huge difference to the way they interact with us. I have a friend who politely addresses every crewmember he deals with by name (he reads their badges). The service he gets is noticeably different from those who simply bark orders without making eye contact. And just stopping to chat can liven up the boring, repetitive day of a cabin steward.

What’s your tip for being a model passenger? Let us know!



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