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If money were no object…

Today’s poll on Cruise Critic is pure fantasy. If money were no object, which new ship would you choose? The list includes Seabourn Sojourn, a loft suite on Oasis of the Seas, Silversea’s Silver Spirit or a Courtyard Suite on Norwegian Epic.

Vote for your fantasy new ship!

If budget were not a concern, I’d sail on all of them, frankly, but there has to be a winner and as I write, Seabourn Sojourn is in the lead with more than 43% of the vote. Perhaps the idea of a small, luxurious, all-inclusive ship is preferable to the concept of a top suite on a much bigger ship?

I’m surprised, though, that Norwegian Epic’s wonderful Courtyard Suites are lagging behind at 10%;  they’re the perfect solution for families, or groups wanting the combination of a huge, lively ship and a little oasis of luxury within it. While the loft suites on Oasis, with nearly 25% of the vote, are novel and undeniably cool, it’s the lounge, restaurant and private pool area for the suites on Epic that’s the attraction to me. In my dreams, of course.

Which would you go for? And why? Add your vote – and let us know! SJB


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Would you visit high-crime Caribbean ports?

In today’s home page poll, we ask: would you avoid itineraries that visit Aruba, Jamaica, or St. Thomas? All three have been in the public eye, at least to some extent, for crimes against tourists (as has the Bahamas’ Nassau which we should have included!)

Vote in our poll — but before you head over to’s home page to do so, tell us if Monday’s tragic death of a cruise passenger while on the island of St. Thomas would affect the way you’d pick your next Caribbean cruise?



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Are you annoying?

A lot of fellow passengers seem to think so. Check out our home page weekend poll — it asks: if I were a crew member what would annoy me most about working onboard cruise ships?

Take a look (and don’t miss our blog post: “Working on a cruise ship: the good, the bad and the ugly”) — and vote on’s home page!


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